This is the opportunity for the Church today.

Generate new forms of income. Reimagine the use of your buildings and land. Fulfill your mission and purpose in your community.


This season provides a unique opportunity to turn a narrative of decline into a story of new possibility.

Together, we can reframe the problems we’re currently facing and imagine ways of becoming the Church the world needs today

A Church that's...


RootedGood exists to equip churches, leaders, and church-related institutions with resources and processes that build confidence and capacity as we imagine and become something new for the good of the world. 

We specialize in helping congregations, and institutions that support congregations, with:

  • Generating new forms of income through social enterprise
  • Using and developing buildings and land for revenue and ministry
  • Aligning money and mission; and measuring impact

“The question of church buildings and land is one of the defining issues facing American Christianity during the next few years.”

- Rev. Joe Daniels, Pastor, Emory United Methodist Church