The Church's mission still matters.

Align your money with your mission. Reclaim your role in a changing world. Be the church the world needs today.

Let's Collaborate

Your institution was built for a world that doesn't exist anymore. You were trained for success in that world, but when you look around you now, you can't find where you fit in it.

So, you're spinning your wheels, asking yourself, "Does what we do even matter anymore?"
And we're here to say a resounding, "Yes!"

WHAT YOU DO matters. YOU matter.

It's just that traditional ways of doing things aren't the only ways to impact your community. Church as it's always been done isn't the only way to do it.

The Church is in a season of decline. in 2020, Barna Research found that weekly church attendance in the US had declined nearly 40% in the previous 27 years

We know this doesn't surprise you. We know also know it's easy to feel afraid that the Church has lost too much ground - maybe even failed. And it's leaders with it.

But let's flip the script

This season provides a unique opportunity that we've never had before. The Church is facing a NEW and DIFFERENT FUTURE.

And if we embrace it, we can reframe the problems we're currently facing and become the Church the world needs today...

Not the Church of yesterday. Or of the distant past. The Church of today.

A Church that's...

Imaginative and innovative.

The world has changed, but the Church's mission has not.

Let's reclaim your mission and role as a faith community in a changing world - a world we dare say doesn't seem to follow the old rules anymore.

Let's step into the new together.

It's time to map out a plan for your faith-based institution's trip into the future. With a road map to guide you, you'll let go of anxiety and fear about the future. You'll find your confidence builds as you (finally!) start asking the right questions and taking one small, easy step after another to set yourself up for a new, sustainable economic future that impacts the world through social enterprise, creative use of buildings and property, and more.

Reduce Anxiety

When you know what your mission is and how to build a new economic model to support it, you can rest easier, knowing your money, resources, and mission align, giving you a solid foundation.

Increase Confidence

Knowing the right questions to ask may seem like a small step, but it's actually a giant leap forward. When you're asking the right questions, you can be confident the right answers will come.

Create a Road Map

The right questions guide your journey, providing a roadmap from where your faith-based institution is to where you want it to be. Our process gives you small, easy steps you can take right away to get started on your journey to the Church of the future.

By the numbers


Conferences, Webinars, & Podcast Presentations


Projects Designed & Uploaded


Downloads of Tools


People Reached

Create the faith-based institution the world needs today and improve your impact - in 3 simple steps


Design the tools and resources you need for improved impact.

Knowing what your faith-based institution needs to reclaim your role in a changing world takes a unique set of skills - the kind that comes with training and experience.

We'll help you...
  • Ideate and imagine a new economic future with social enterprise and creative use of church buildings at its core.
  • Discover and understand your context.
  • Rediscover your mission.
  • Align that mission with a sustainable economic model.
  • Build the resources and tools you need to not only remain influential in a modern world but also create greater impact than ever before

Follow the process.

With the tools and resources in place, your job is simple - follow the process
  • Communicate and collaborate with your faith community
  • Plan and be ready to pivot as circumstances change.
  • Measure and evaluate your progress
  • Make changes as needed and keep moving forward

Enjoy experiencing improved impact.

You've been equipped with the tools and resources you need to have a lasting impact in a changing world.

You've aligned your money, resources, and mission.
You've reclaimed your role.

Now, enjoy the fruit of your enterprise, creative use of church buildings, a new economic future.

All adding up to improved impact.


Rest easy knowing your work is and always will be meaningful

Welcome to RootedGood

You need someone on your side who understands the challenges faith communities are facing in a world that's completely changed. Someone who gets the questions you're asking about whether your work truly matters anymore.

Everywhere we look, we see leaders of influence struggling with those same questions. They're feeling anxious, afraid, and isolated in a post-pandemic world that looks nothing like the world they were trained to work in. We hear them asking, "is there a future for faith-based institutions?"

Finding new ways to make good in the world today take courage.

Being a faith-based institution isn't for the faint of heart either. In the world we're living in, sometimes when faith communities try to make good, the very people they're trying to help question their motivations. Even before the world changed, the work wasn't easy. Today, it's more trying than ever.

That's exactly why we do what we do.

We equip catalytic and strategic leaders with resources and processes that build confidence and capacity as we collaborate to help the Church imagine and become something new for the good of the world, as it is today. (And we like to call it 'the good of the Other') because we envision a Church that's less concerned with its own survival and more focused on the good of others, the world, the Other"

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Here's how to get started...

Explore Resources

I'm not sure where to start, but i'd like to to read more about aligning our mission, resources, and money; engaging in social enterprise and innovation; measuring and maximizing our faith-based institution's impact; and planning new economic futures for faith communities.

Resource Library
DIY Process

I'm ready to try some new ideas for furthering the Church's mission. it would be great to meet other likeminded leaders. I'd love access to the tools you've already created and the leaders of influence to support one another.

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Rooted Good Collaboration

We're all in... Our faith-based institution is ready to reclaim our role. We'd like to:

  • Co-design a Project to begin building a new economic future. We're open to social enterprise, creative use of our property, or other ideas you have. OR
  • Run a cohort for The OIKOS Accelerator in our area. OR
  • Hire us as consultants.
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"The What Now? tool helped our innate creativity emerge by giving us a way t ostructure our converstaions and collaborative work. The process led to several innovative ministry ideas. I look forward to using this tool across our congregational ministries as we reimagine our shared life in the months to come."

- Rev. Chris Aho, Pastor, Oxford Baptist Church

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Useful for online or in-person discussions, Let's Talk About Resources is a collaborative tool created in partnership with Lake Institute on Faith & Giving.