Congregational Resources

RootedGood is here to help your congregation expand imagination, create new economic models and make use of your buildings and land in new ways.

Would your congregation like to...

  • Generate new forms of revenue to sustain and grow your ministry?
  • Imagine and design new expressions of ministry that connect deeply with your neighbors?
  • Make more use of building(s) that sit empty too much of the week?
  • Prepare to develop your property into affordable housing or something else?
  • Launch a successful social enterprise using your building(s) and land that generates income and changes lives?

RootedGood can help!

Here's how...

Good Futures Accelerator

A course that empowers congregations to creatively use their church buildings and property to further their mission and generate new forms of income. The Good Futures Accelerator is a proven and affordable curriculum that will help you build imagination and design an innovative social enterprise using your buildings and property. 

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How-To Guides

These tools will help congregational leaders discuss, discern, and decide...

How to Rent Well
How to Develop Well
How to Sell Well
What about Taxes
Money & Mission Alignment

These tools can be purchased in downloadable format through our Mycelium Library or in printed format on our Blurb store.

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“The question of church property is one of the defining issues facing American Christianity during the next few years.”

– Rev. Joe Daniels, Emory United Methodist Church