What Now?

Mar 4, 2022

What Now? A creative tool to help congregations make decisions in the age of COVID-19

Since early March, when COVID-19 began spreading across the US, congregational life has been disrupted and changed in a way that is unprecedented for many. The sheer number and complexity of decisions that leaders face is both exhausting and overwhelming. In a highly politicized environment, leaders face the daily struggle of fostering the creativity and consensus needed to respond faithfully to the challenges and opportunities of this present moment.

At RootedGood, we have designed a toolkit to help. The “What Now?” tool will guide you and your leadership team through an engaging, efficient, and interactive process for making decisions about how to fulfill your mission in the current environment. Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you are dealing with in this moment - we designed this tool to be accessible for you.

Designed with flexibility, What Now? can be used online, in person, or via phone. You can share it online, print it, mail it to participants, look at it on a phone, or use it in whatever way works best for your context. It will generate creativity, foster consensus ,and enable you to chart a path through the stormy-seas of this present moment.  It is designed to improve the quality of your planning process in a quick and engaging manner, all in the context of potential restrictions on the ability of your team to gather in person.

Through filling out the form below you will access What Now? as well as the Going Deeper bonus pdf.

If you are interested in focusing just on the question of how your congregation might meet together for worship services, you can also use our mini-tool How Will We Gather?

What Now? is also available in Spanish. When you access the download below you will receive a zip folder containing four PDF files: The What Now? tool and the Going Deeper bonus in both English and Spanish.¿Y Ahora Qué? También está disponible en español. Al descargar  el archivo a continuación, recibirá una carpeta zip que contiene cuatro archivos en formato PDF: ¿Y Ahora Qué? y la herramienta de bono llamada Profundizando. También recibirá las versiones de las mismas en inglés.

"What Now? helped our innate creativity emerge by giving us a way to structure our conversations and collaborative work. The process led to several innovative ministry ideas. I look forward to using this tool across our congregational ministries as we reimagine our shared life in the months to come."

-Rev. Chris Aho, Pastor Oxford Baptist Church

Download What Now? today for free

Note: Feel free to return here and download the tool as many times as you would like. You will have to enter your name and email each time, but don't worry about that! If for some reason you cannot access the download via the link here, feel free to contact us at whatnow@rootedgood.org.

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