Do you have questions about church property?

RootedGood can help!

Are you wondering…

  • How to make more use of your church building that sits empty too much of the week?
  • What to do about building costs that you can no longer afford?
  • What to do with a property that needs to be sold?
  • If you could build something exciting on your church property like affordable housing, co-working space, a grocery coop or something else?

The use and re-use of church property is a really important question as churches respond to declining participation and giving, deal with aging buildings, need different kinds of space, and seek to engage their neighborhood with new expressions of mission and ministry.

We can help!

“The question of church property is one of the defining issues facing American Christianity during the next few years.”
– Rev. Joe Daniels, Emory United Methodist Church

Property Resources

RootedGood can help you, your church, your network, or your denomination explore how to use your building and property to generate revenue and engage in creative ministry.

We can help you:

  • Rent your building more effectively
  • Launch a social enterprise using your space
  • Complete a successful PRE-pre-development process to get ready for property development
  • and more!

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2021-2022 Impact Report

Out of our first iteration of the Good Futures program (previously known as Oikos), a number of projects are starting, ranging from multiple affordable housing projects, a Community Land Trust, co-working spaces, supportive housing, a business center, a childcare co-op, a kitchen social enterprise, and community gardens. Participating congregations gave it an average of 9 out of 10 on the question: “How likely are you to recommend the Oikos Accelerator to other congregations interested in starting a social enterprise?” And 100% of churches who started the process found it to be helpful in meeting the aims of the program.