Wayne Cerullo

Member, Board of Directors

Wayne Cerullo is an internationalist, cultural observer, and marketing strategist focused on helping B2B companies understand and improve how and why their prospects buy.

He founded the marketing consultancy B2P Partners on 9/11/01 to make B2B marketing more powerful by making it more personal. He works with many innovative SaaS startups and mid-tier challengers. Previously, Wayne helped shape the global marketing communications of IBM, Microsoft, and Intel.

Wayne co-founded Vocari, a non-profit for helping workers and students discover their workplace calling. A believer in the power of transforming weakness into strength, Wayne authored “REpossibility: Stories of companies that succeeded because of their challenges (not despite them)”.

Starting with a Princeton BA in the (oxymoronic) history of modernization, Wayne indulged his penchant for TLAs with an MBA from NYU. A former New Yorker and one-time Parisian, he lives in the San Francisco area with his patient wife, two surprisingly adult offspring, and a mountain bike.