Get ready to say goodbye to church buildings that sit empty every day except Sunday—and say hello to The Oikos Accelerator!

Explore new, innovative uses of buildings and property that both further your mission and generate income.

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You've seen congregational leaders spend hours debating the pros and cons of the large facilities they've built.

The church buildings are beautiful and were once full to the brim on Sundays. Everyone loved those days, and most still savor the activity on campus when the congregation arrives.

But no one cares for the silence that sits in the hallways throughout the week.

All faith leaders want to do is impact their communities, making good in the world and among their neighbors — and many are tired of second guessing the decision to build a facility that gets so little use, especially when their bank accounts start feeling the crunch of a growing gap between their income and the budget.

“A goldmine of opportunity is within the church’s reach, but one must have eyes to see in order to notice it. A church’s property is one of the greatest assets it has for its community. One way churches can use the resources in front of them is to creatively use their space.”

- Lewis Center for Church Leadership

Introducing... The Oikos Accelerator

A catalyst that empowers congregations to align money and mission by exploring how to creatively use their church buildings and property to further their mission and build financial resilience.

By the end of the Oikos Accelerator…cohort participants will have effectively designed and launched a social enterprise that makes use of your church buildings in some form.

Inside Oikos Accelerator

Discover the impact your faith community can have when you…

  • Understand the church’s changing context in terms of your ministry, local community, and financial model.
  • Imagine how your core mission and theology shapes the use of buildings and property in light of this changing context.
  • Expand your capacity to experiment, try new things, learn from failure, and try again.
  • Experiment with new, innovative uses of church buildings and property that both further your mission and generate income.
  • Launch a social enterprise utilizing your church property.

Here's what's included

Tools & Resources

Access fun, dynamic, and proven tools, games, and resources. Physical resources will be delivered through the mail, and digital resources will be available online.

Jump Start Accelerator

Participate in Jump Start, an online learning program that helps you identify and design two ideas for new activities and/or social enterprises using your property. Congregational leaders will be able to work through this course at your preferred pace.

IN-Person Convention

Gather with the other participating congregations once to develop your projects, share what you’re learning, and ‘pitch’ your project to funders, connectors, and resource-providers.

We know church leaders who want to use their church buildings for ministry. We'd be willing to run a cohort in our region.

Please send us more information about running a cohort of the Oikos Accelerator.

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Oikos Accelerator runs for approximately one year,
and up to 50 congregations are selected for participation in each cohort.